I don't normally shoot cars a lot. I have shot cars in the past, but I prefer to shoot the people around them. I have seen and forgotten more photos of cars then I can count. But cars and people can make for high drama, and tell powerful stories in a single image. That is why I prefer to shoot cars and people, as apposed to JUST cars. That being said, I am not a purist in many things. So when my wife tasked me with a photography project, I found myself shooting a car show at her behest. While wondering around looking for interesting things to shoot, I came across Charles, and his two Volkswagens. I spent quite a while speaking with him, and learning all about his cars, and the processes of bringing them to their current state. It was very impressive to listen to the hard work and years of dedication that have gone into restoring these two cars. 

Here is a little  bit of background from Charles on the two vehicles. 

"The VW buss is a Type II Double Door Panel buss with walk thru seats,  all stock with the Safari window kit added and the Paint stock colors being Sealing Wax red on the bottom and ..........ivory on the top with the bumpers painted sealing wax red instead of the stock ivory color.   The big difference on the paint is we used the current Standox (german company) urethane basecoat clearcoat system instead of single stage paint.  The under body was sprayed with Raptor black bedliner for protection and color.  It has an original 40HP engine left stock. This buss was designed to deliver in the european alleys with all kind of produce.  We have owned the panel for about 30 years and finally got fired up about getting finished for the Eureka Springs VW show in August this year.

The Black VW is a 1954 bettle brought back from Germany by a Military family and a gentleman from Aurora , Colorado bought it from the original owner who then sold it to us.  It is an Oval window car with Semaphore turn signals all original with some accessories added like the rear window slat shade.  It has an original 36HP engine.

Its been repainted in different panels over the past 20 years."

So while these photos in and of themselves on their own may not be all that compelling, the blood sweat and tears that have gone into them very much is. 

Please enjoy!