5.26.2019 Street Portraits

On May 26th I had another opportunity to shoot some more street portraits. These were shot at the same location (Blip Roasters - West Bottoms KCMO), and with the same setup as last time. Just like last time, the focus was on both bikers, and their bikes (With a nice young family from NW Arkansas mixed in for good measure). I hope to step out in new directions with this setup in the near future (If you would like one of your own, please feel free to hit me up!). I am truly appreciative to (and humbled by) all the people who went out of their way to let me snap a portrait of them. Without all of these good people humoring me, this doesn’t happen

Here is the setup, pretty simple, just a piece of white formica, a light stand, some clamps and gaffers tape, and sand bags to hold it all down


Now, onto the Portraits….